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Games and Inflatables

Games and Inflatables

This page is full of ideas to make your event fun! From laser shooting to bouncy castles, browse and pick the ones that suit your event best. This is only a few of the large selection we offer. 
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Rodeo bull

Climb aboard the bull and try your hand at the oldest game in the Wild West… fun, frills and falls!
Covers and spotlights supplied FREE OF CHARGE if required.

Laser Clay Shooting

Laser Clay Shooting can be played indoor & outdoor making it perfect for most events. This activity can be enjoyed by everyone who can hold the Laser Clay Guns which fire an infra-red beam at the plastic clays launched from the clay launcher.

Knockout Challenge

It’s a Knockout is one of our most popular events and it’s designed to be action packed, competitive and great fun for spectator and participant alike.
It’s a Knockout has lots of fun and challenging equipment with favorites such as, Inflatable Obstacle Course, Inflatable Pony Hop Racing, Inflatable Bouncy Sausages, Inflatable Gladiator Duel, Milking Cows, Inflatable Pole Joist, Giant Hamster Wheels, Crazy Feet Racing, Human Grand Prix Racing, Inflatable Basketball, Inflatable Batak Challenge, Inflatable Velcro Darts, Football Rollercoaster & Inflatable Human Table Football.
It’s a Knockout can accommodate any numbers from 12 to 200 people, in teams of between 6 and 20.
The It’s a Knockout venue has to be flat grass area approx half the size of a football pitch.

Mega Slides

We can supply slides in a huge range of sizes and quantities.
Our biggest slide is a massive 27ft x 24ft x 22ft!

Fairground Stalls

These side stalls make the perfect addition to any event. We have all the traditional fairground side stall games to choose from.
The Fairground side stalls can be operated indoors or outdoors. All the side stalls are staffed and dressed in traditional fairground attire.
Large Selection of fairground side stalls including Coconut Shy, Tin Can Alley, Hook a Duck, Cork Shooting, Bullseye Shooting, Soccer Hoopla, Roll a Ball, Knock your Teeth Down, Clown Heads, Ball in a Bucket & High Test Your Strength Striker.
Prizes and coconuts can be added for a small charge.


We have Blackjack and Roulette tables available for hire.
The Roulette & Blackjack Casino table are always the most popular casino tables to hire. We supply experienced croupiers with all Roulette Casino Table & Blackjack Casino table hire. All our fun casino tables are full size, with each player’s receiving a number of chips to play with.


Zorbing is a fun and exciting activity for everyone! Get ready to roll in these transparent hamster-like balls.